Allard Pierson Museum

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Run by the University of Amsterdam and housed in a grandiose former bank on the southern fringes of the Red Light District, the Allard Pierson is the city’s leading archaeological museum. Unaccountably often overlooked, it is named after the first classical archaeology professor at the university and turns the spotlight on ancient Mediterranean civilizations. The collection of antiquities spans the centuries 4,000 BC to 500 AD, from the time of the pharaohs through the ancient Greek and Roman empires until early Christianity. Including Persian, Etruscan and Cypriot pottery, jewelry and glassware, the museum may not be vast but it is certainly world class; the star exhibit are the extensive Egyptian collection, including mummies, statuary, and everyday household objects unearthed from tombs. A roster of temporary exhibitions provides further insights into civilization around the shores of the Mediterranean during ancient times. 
Adresse: Oude Turfmarkt 127, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Holland
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