Mbantua Fine Art Gallery and Cultural Museum

The Mbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery opened in 1992 to promote authentic Australian Aboriginal art, and its name of Mbantua comes from the Aboriginal word “Mparntwe,” or Mparnte. This means “this place” in Arrernte, the local language spoken in Alice Springs.

The gallery celebrates the work of local artists, most of whom use acrylic paints on canvas. Art from more than 50 artists is sold here, with some notable contributors being Dolly Mills, known for her participation in the "Utopia, A Picture Story" collection of silk batiks; Minnie Pwerle, whose art reflects some of the oldest designs in the world; and Anna Price Petyarre, who paints much sought-after work including the Atnwelarre Dreamtime.
Adresse: 64 Todd Mall, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia 0871, Australien
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