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Kangaroo Island

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Kangaroo Island is a bit of paradise off the coast of South Australia. 96 miles (155 km) in length with a population of just 4,400 people, it is an unspoiled haven for Australia's native birds and animals. Kangaroos and koalas abound, and on the beaches sealions bask while pelicans fly overhead. From sand dunes to rugged cliffs, golden beaches to dense forests, the island really has it all. As well as natural beauty, Kangaroo Island is known for its good eating. Wines, fresh fish, local honey and goats' cheese are just some of the specialties. A popular but unspoiled holiday destination, the island also has art galleries, massage and spa retreats and swimming with dolphins . Kangaroo Island is surprisingly large and though the island can be visited in one day trip from Adelaide, spending at least two days will allow to further discover the beauty and wildlife diversity the place has to offer.

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Kangaroo Island på en dag - tur fra Adelaide

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Få mest muligt ud af en dagstur til Kangaroo Island på en guidet heldagstur, der viser dig højdepunkterne i dette uspolerede naturparadis. ...  Mere info

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2-dages tur til Kangaroo Island fra Adelaide

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Brug to dage på at udforske dyrelivet på Kangaroo Island fra Adelaide. Du vil møde pelikaner, søløver, koalaer og selvfølgelig ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Adelaide, Australien
  • Varighed: 2 dage
  • Sprog: Engelsk
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