Atlantis Submarine Expedition Tour

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  • Adresse: Barbados
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Anmeldt af: Paulette P , februar 2014

One of the most incredible experiences of my lifetime . Will be sure to do it again

Anmeldt af: Buddy , Canada, august 2013

It was an awesome experience and the commentator was wonderful!

Anmeldt af: pruittgang , juni 2012

Great trip for any age.

Anmeldt af: pruittgang , juni 2012

Very interesting and really enjoyed the ship wreck and sea life. Very friendly

Anmeldt af: pruittgang , juni 2012

Loved it and very informative!

Anmeldt af: andywestmancoat , april 2011

Excellent trip - does exactly what it said on the tin!

Well organised at Barbados and I got some excellent photos and videos through the large portholes.

I'd recommend this to anyone; especially if you can't snorkel or dive (like me)

Anmeldt af: Annie09 , februar 2011

they could not have done it better. Not claustraphobic and air con kept us cool. Shoals of fish close up were amazing. good banter from crew made tour fly by.

Anmeldt af: Louis B , USA, april 2010

It was more than I expected. Great crew on top of the water as well as below.

Anmeldt af: Marian K , Canada, februar 2010

Thoroughly enjoyable experience. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and very friendly. They made sure the children on board were actively involved with searching for marine life. We were not squished inside the submarine. The pilot made sure that the views were seen by both sides of the vessel. Got to see a giant female turtle on the reef. Very exciting.

Anmeldt af: Lorraine L , februar 2010

What an amazing time we had. It was a wonderful experience and the staff could not do enough for us. You can not go to Barbados and not go on the Atlantis Submarine trip. Highly recommend this to all ages.

Anmeldt af: Dr Michael K , USA, april 2009

The submarine tour was excellent.

Anmeldt af: Carol K , april 2009

This was amazing. Well organised, well run and a great experience. We dived to 145 feet and saw a shipwreck and many types of fish and coral. The only downside was that when I booked with Viator the cost of the trip was advertised as including free round trip transport from the hotel during March. When I arrived at the submarine office I was charged for the cost of transport and had to pay B15. This was annoying and put a slight blight on what was a great day.

Anmeldt af: Jennifer P , USA, november 2008

Such an amazing experience! The submarine was surprisingly comfortable inside.

Anmeldt af: Natakan A , United Kingdom, august 2008

This trip was as good as you would expect without any feeling of claustrophobia, which was my concern. There was plenty of room aboard, plus it was well air conditioned and well lit. The only problem was that I could have stayed down there all day!

Anmeldt af: M. W , marts 2012

It was very nice but it's not as colorful as on the pictures.

Anmeldt af: Pauline R , august 2011

Our tour was booked for 11 am, but when we rang to confirm we were told that the 11am slot was booked out for two months and we had a choice of 10 am or 12 am, but we were not told this at the time of booking or afterwards. The trip itself was very entertaining, Neville was the member of the crew who gave us a safety talk and he was hilarious. We were a bit diappointed with the number of fish we saw and the coral isn't anywhere as near as colourful as in the brochure, but it was a great experience and we would do it again.

Anmeldt af: Mark S , United Kingdom, december 2009

Time swam by and so definitely not the lowest point in our trip.

Anmeldt af: Eric W , Canada, maj 2009

Website needs very close watch due to stated schedule, such as a 1400 hrs departure when in fact this time has been cancelled. I was told of cancellation a week before trip, but found that it was still on the website. Also, taxi from hotel was sent twice because booking was recorded for two different days. The sub trip was fun. Thanks.

Anmeldt af: Nancy H , USA, december 2008

Unique experience.

Anmeldt af: Carlos A , Venezuela, august 2008

Very professional and friendly.

Anmeldt af: Bhavesh S , USA, februar 2008

You should be careful if you suffer from motion sickness or claustrophobia - while the submarine ride is smooth, it can be claustrophobic. Getting to the submarine by boat can be rough if the sea is choppy. Otherwise, this is definitely a fun and novel experience.

Anmeldt af: Virginia M , USA, februar 2008

Very well done, each person got a free picture and certificate as well as beverages. Much to see under the ocean and transportation was included.

Anmeldt af: Ian K , august 2011

Having just gone SCUBA diving I was probably hoping for more, but I did really enjoy the trip and it was definitely worth doing. I was a little put off though by the taxi situation. When I booked through VIATOR my voucher included a section stating that transportation to and from mt hotel was included. When my fiance and I arrived at the shop to check in they wanted me to pay for the trip - an extra $30 barbadian. Not a huge expense, but something I had already taken care of. I brought this to their attention and it was ultimately taken care of after a few words, but just be mindful of things like this be it here or anywhere in Barbados - tour companies have a way of screwing you over unless you're careful.

The trip though itself was great and I am glad I did it. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience that is worth doing.

Anmeldt af: Karen E , juli 2014

Overall, our experience was bad for the cost of this trip. We were pushed back to an hour later than we originally booked, then we're delayed for 35 minutes once we got there, so overall we left 1hour and 35minutes late! The submarine was good, however I think this trip is extremely overpriced for what it us and would not recommend it to anyone else!

Anmeldt af: Linda R , august 2011

Wonderful experience, hard to tacke pictures , no guarantee on what you will see except for the ship reck and the coral. smaller fish were hard to see.


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